Coastal Crime Watch

Coastal Crime Watch is an invaluable web site for all participating store which fall under the NR31 post code. This web site was set up in March 2010 and at present there are 48 retail premises on the scheme with more joining all the time.

SIRCS (Secure Incident Reporting & Community Engagement System.) is an internet based secure web site. This is the parent company of Coastal Crime Watch.

Benefits of belonging to Coastal Crime Watch include:

  • The prevention and detection of crime.
  • To reduce the opportunity to commit crime.
  • The apprehension or prosecution of offenders.
  • To reduce losses through crime for members schemes.
  • To create a “safe and secure” environment for customers and staff.
  • To strengthen partnerships with the Police, local authority and others.
  • To be an integral part of the local and national community safety strategies.

Below is a list of the various schemes who are on SIRCS

  • Basildon BASBAC
  • Breckland Business Watch
  • Broadland Community Safety Partnership
  • Cambridge Business Against Crime
  • Cambridge Local Environmental Quality
  • Colchester Business Against Crime
  • Dartford Town Against Crime
  • Gorleston Coastal Crime Watch
  • Great Yarmouth Town Partnership
  • Hemel Hempstead DBAC
  • Lowestoft Town Centre Management
  • MachineGuard (Gaming Industry)
  • NightSafe SIRCS – Norfolk
  • Norwich ALERT
  • Norwich Streetwise
  • Rural SIRCS
  • Safer Aberdeen
  • Tendering Business Against Crime

For less than £1.00 per week you receive:

  • Access to the secure web site
  • Full support from the CCW Admin Team
  • Photos of offenders. These can be printed off and displayed in staff rooms or kept under the till for all staff to view.
  • A fortnightly newsletter. This includes lists of the latest incidents to have taken place and a list of all those who are excluded and the dates when their exclusion finishes.
  • A warning poster for the entrance to your premises.
  • Red Cards. These are cards which are handed out to offenders. Once a person receives a red card this then means that they cannot enter any other premises which displays a Warning Poster at their entrance. The period of exclusion can be 6 or 12 months.