Shoplink Radio

In 2002, Gorleston town centre began a shop link radio system; the scheme was a great success and has continued ever since.

The current scheme is operated by Gorleston CCTV Ltd. They replaced the previous scheme in 2008. The intention of the town link being operated by Gorleston CCTV is to ensure that all of the benefits remain local to Gorleston.

Shop Link Radio is a talk through system operated in designated areas in Gorleston. When one person broadcasts a message via the radio all others hear the transmission and can then respond where necessary. It allows immediate, accurate and up to date information to be relayed between shops, the police and the CCTV control centre.

At present we have 30 premises that are on the Shop Link Radio scheme.

Blockbuster Video
Boots the Chemist
Co-op Pharmacy
Discount Fabrics
Magdalen Way Co-op
Food Fare
Griffin Electricals
GY Community Housing
Gorleston Library
Magdalen Way McColls
Magdalen Way Video
Lowestoft Road McColls
Lloyds Pharmacy
Marine Amusements
New Look
Gorleston Pavilion Theatre
QD Stores
Shake, Rattle and Roll

When a store manager agrees to purchase a Shop Link Radio this also entitles the manager and management staff to belong to Coastal Crime Watch as part of the agreement.

The scheme is available to all retail premises within a 2 mile radius of Gorleston Town centre, the cost of the scheme to launch is £300 which provides the benefits below. There is then an annual renewal fee of £80.

  • Airwave license fees
  • Transmission Mast
  • Membership to the exclusion/banning scheme
  • Invitation to a bi-monthly security meeting
  • Direct link to the CCTV control room
  • Direct link to the police/community support officers
  • Membership to the SIRCS Coastal Crime Watch scheme
  • Training where necessary

If you require any further information on the scheme or would like an application pack, find out how to get in touch with us here.